Food Image

Passio SDK provides a component for displaying food images using passioID and entityType. The component is called PassioIconView. Below is an example of how to use it along with its documentation:

    passioID: passioID,
    iconSize: IconSize.PX90,
    passioIDEntityType: entityType,


style (Optional)

Custom styling for the PassioIconView.


Configuration object for the component.

  • passioID (Required) The Passio ID is associated with the food item.

  • iconSize (Required) Size of the icon. Use IconSize.PX90 a 90-pixel size icon, for example. You can choose from predefined sizes or use a custom size.

  • passioIDEntityType (Required) there are types `group` | 'item' | 'recipe' | 'barcode' and packagedFoodCode

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