1. Create an .npmrc file in the root of your project with the following lines, replacing GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKENwith the token provided to you by Passio. This grants you access to the SDK's private listing on the Github Package Registry.


2. Add the Passio SDK dependency to your package.json and run npm install or yarn.

"@passiolife/react-native-passio-sdk": "1.4.19"
npm install @passiolife/react-native-passio-sdk 


yarn add @passiolife/react-native-passio-sdke code

3. Ensure the native dependencies are linked to your app.

For iOS, run pod install.

cd ios; pod install

For Android, auto-linking should handle setting up the Gradle dependency for your project.

If at any point you need help from the Passio team, please reach out to us at

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