• Added weightUnit and weightQuantity into PassioNutritionPreview

  • Added refCode as a unique identifier of the food In PassioFoodItem and PassioIngredient

  • Added fetchFoodItemForRefCode API to get PassioFoodItem using refCode.

   * Look up the food item result for a given refCode.
   * @param refCode - The refCode for the  query.
   * @returns A `Promise` resolving to a `PassioFoodItem` object if the record exists in the database or `null` if not.
  fetchFoodItemForRefCode(refCode: RefCode): Promise<PassioFoodItem | null>
  • Added two functions to fetch a list of meal plans and fetch a meal plan for a certain day.

   * fetch list of all meal Plans
   * @returns A `Promise` resolving to a `PassioMealPlan` array if the record exists in the database or `null` if not.
  fetchMealPlans(): Promise<PassioMealPlan[] | null>

   * fetch list of all meal Plan item
   * @param mealPlanLabel - query for type of mealPlan.
   * @param day - for which day meal plan is needed
   * @returns A `Promise` resolving to a `PassioMealPlanItem` array if the record exists in the database or `null` if not.
    mealPlanLabel: string,
    day: number
  ): Promise<PassioMealPlanItem[] | null>

Refactor API

  • Now use fetchFoodItemForProductCode API instead of fetchAttributesForBarcode and fetchPassioIDAttributesForPackagedFood API.

   * Look up the food item result for a given by barcode or packagedFoodCode.
   * @param barcode  - barcode for the query.
   * or
   * @param packageFoodCode  - packageFoodCode for the query.
   * @returns A `Promise` resolving to a `PassioFoodItem` object if the record exists in the database or `null` if not.
    code: Barcode | PackagedFoodCode
  ): Promise<PassioFoodItem | null>
  • getAttributesForPassioID renamed to fetchFoodItemForPassioID

  • fetchAttributesForBarcode and fetchPassioIDAttributesForPackagedFood renamed to fetchFoodItemForProductCode

  • PassioSearchResult object return PassioFoodDataInfo instead of FoodSearchResult

  • fetchSearchResult renamed to fetchFoodItemForDataInfo

  • PassioSearchNutritionPreview renamed to PassioNutritionPreview

  • Removed unnecessary nutrition data while log object of PassioFoodItem or PassioIngredient


  • Fix the isOpenFood boolean issue in android.

  • Introduce a new field openFoodLicense.

  • Rename method from fetchNutrientsForPassioFoodItem to getNutrientsOfPassioFoodItem

  • Rename method from fetchNutrientsSelectedSizeForPassioFoodItem to getNutrientsSelectedSizeOfPassioFoodItem

  • Rename method from fetchNutrientsReferenceForPassioFoodItem to getNutrientsReferenceOfPassioFoodItem


  • Fixed IOS weight gram value.


  • Fixed symbol unit for iOS.

  • Wide Angle camera issue resolved.


Added carbs , protein and fat in PassioSearchNutritionPreview

Added API

   * fetch a suggestions for particular meal time  'breakfast' | 'lunch' | 'dinner' | 'snack' and returning results.
   * @param mealTime - 'breakfast' | 'lunch' | 'dinner' | 'snack',
   * @returns A `Promise` resolving to a `PassioFoodItem` object if the record exists in the database or `null` if not.
  fetchSuggestions(mealTime: MealTime): Promise<FoodSearchResult[] | null>

   * Detail of search food with a given search result.
   * @param result - Provide `PassioSearchResult` object get `PassioFoodItem` detail.
   * @returns A `Promise` resolving to `PassioFoodItem` detail.
    result: FoodSearchResult
  ): Promise<PassioFoodItem | null>

Added below nutrients in PassioNutrients



Deprecated API

getAttributesForPassioID(passioID: PassioID): Promise<PassioIDAttributes | null>

fetchAttributesForBarcode(barcode: Barcode): Promise<PassioIDAttributes | null>

fetchPassioIDAttributesForPackagedFood(packagedFoodCode: PackagedFoodCode): Promise<PassioIDAttributes | null>

fetchSearchResult(result: FoodSearchResult): Promise<PassioIDAttributes | null>

Refactored API

  • getAttributesForPassioID, fetchAttributesForBarcode, fetchPassioIDAttributesForPackagedFood now returns a PassioFoodItem result

getAttributesForPassioID(passioID: PassioID): Promise<PassioFoodItem | null>

fetchAttributesForBarcode(barcode: Barcode): Promise<PassioFoodItem | null>

fetchPassioIDAttributesForPackagedFood(packagedFoodCode: PackagedFoodCode): Promise<PassioFoodItem | null>
  • searchForFood now returns PassioSearchResult and a list of search options. The PassioSearchResult represent a specific food item associated with the search term, while search options provide a list of possible suggested search terms connected to the input term.

searchForFood(searchQuery: string): Promise<PassioSearchResult | null>
  • Now DetectedCandidate have alternatives and croppedImage


  • fetchSearchResult returns a PassioFoodItem object for a given PassioSearchResult

fetchSearchResult(result: FoodSearchResult): Promise<PassioFoodItem | null>
  • To retrieve all macro and micronutrient values using PassioFoodItemNutrients by passing a passioFoodItem, you would typically follow these steps:

   new PassioFoodItemNutrients(passioFoodItem).nutrientsSelectedSize()
   new PassioFoodItemNutrients(passioFoodItem).nutrientsReference()
   new PassioFoodItemNutrients(passioFoodItem).nutrients({
      unit: calculatedWeightUnit,
      value: calculatedWeight,


Fixed issue with number format exception on some locales


  • Added fetchNutrientsFor API.

   * fetch a map of nutrients for a 100 grams of a specific food item
   * @param passioID - The Passio ID for the attributes query.
   * @returns A `Promise` resolving to a `PassioNutrient` object if the record exists in the database or `null` if not.
  fetchNutrientsFor(passioID: PassioID): Promise<PassioNutrient[] | null>
export interface PassioNutrient {
  // The name of the nutrient.
  name: string

  // The amount of the nutrient, measured in a specific unit.
  amount?: number

  // The unit in which the nutrient amount is measured (e.g., grams, milligrams).
  unit: string

  // The inflammatory effect score associated with the nutrient.
  inflammatoryEffectScore?: number


  • Number of food items recognized via HNN: 4104

  • Nutrition database version: passio_nutrition.4105.0.301

  • Number of products recognized via OCR: 27756

New included HNN foods

corn chowder

Excluded HNN foods

coconut sandwich cookies
strawberry cream cheese bagel

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