Migration from SDK 1.4.X to 2.x

Before you continue, please make sure you have a new key for version 2.x. The 1.4.x will not work with 2.x SDK!

Remove SDK 1.4.x

  1. Open project and delete the PassioSDKiOS framework

Add the new SDK 2.x

  1. Drag and Drop the new "PassioNutritionAISDK.xcframework" to the project (select copy if needed)

  2. In Projects > Targets > Your App > Frameworks, Libraries, and Embedded Content. Set the "PassioNutritionAISDK.xcframework" to "Embed & Sign"

Find and Replace all

  1. import PassioSDKiOS with import PassioNutritionAISDK

  2. PassioSDK.shared with PassioNutritionAI.shared

  3. detectOCR with detectPackagedFood

  4. ocrCandidates with packagedFoodCandidates

  5. fetchPassioIDAttributesFor(ocrcode: $0 with fetchPassioIDAttributesFor(packagedFoodCode: $0.packagedFoodCode)

  6. autoUpdate with sdkDownloadsModels

  7. isAutoUpdating with isDownloadingModels

  8. isReadyForNutrition was removed use isReadyForDetection

The servingSizeQuantity was modified from

public var servingSizeQuantity: Int


public var servingSizeQuantity: Double

Changes to the functions

  1. The function func searchForFood(byText: String) -> [String] return value was modified to -> [PassioIDAndName].

  2. Removed func lookupPassioIDAttributesFor(name: String) -> PassioIDAttributes? use instead func searchForFood(byText: String) -> [PassioIDAndName] and then use the PassioID to lookup the PassioIDAttributes using func lookupPassioIDAttributesFor(passioID: PassioID) -> PassioIDAttributes?.

the function

public func lookupNameForPassioID(passioID: PassioNutritionAISDK.PassioID) -> String?

was renamed to

public func lookupIconFor(passioID: PassioNutritionAISDK.PassioID, size: PassioNutritionAISDK.IconSize = IconSize.px90, entityType: PassioNutritionAISDK.PassioIDEntityType = .item) -> (UIImage, Bool)

where the Bool Returns: UIImage and a bool, The boolean is true if the icons is food icon or false if it's a placeholder icon. If you get false you can use the asycronous funcion to "fetchIconFor" the icons from

public func fetchIconFor(passioID: PassioNutritionAISDK.PassioID, size: PassioNutritionAISDK.IconSize = IconSize.px90, entityType: PassioNutritionAISDK.PassioIDEntityType = .item, completion: @escaping (UIImage?) -> Void)

Added UIImageView extension please check demo app to check how to use it.

extension UIImageView {
    public func loadPassioIconBy(passioID: PassioNutritionAISDK.PassioID, entityType: PassioNutritionAISDK.PassioIDEntityType, size: PassioNutritionAISDK.IconSize = .px90, completion: @escaping (PassioNutritionAISDK.PassioID, UIImage) -> Void)

Removed from the SDK

  1. References to logo detection

  2. status.mode == .isReadyForNutrition use only .isReadyForDetection

all the images from PassioIDAttributes and PassioFoodItemData where removed.

public var image: UIImage? { get }
public var imageName: String { get }

PassioDownloadDelegate was merged into the PassioStatusDelegate

public protocol PassioStatusDelegate : AnyObject {
    func passioStatusChanged(status: PassioNutritionAISDK.PassioStatus)
    func passioProcessing (filesLeft: Int)
    func completedDownloadingAllFiles(filesLocalURLs: [PassioNutritionAISDK.FileLocalURL])
    func completedDownloadingFile(fileLocalURL: PassioNutritionAISDK.FileLocalURL, filesLeft: Int)
    func downloadingError(message: String)

Copyright 2022 Passio Inc

If at any point you need help from the Passio team, please reach out to us at support@passiolife.com

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