Getting Started

Welcome to the Passio Nutrition-AI Flutter SDK!

Welcome to Passio Nutrition-AI Flutter SDK!

When integrated into your app the SDK provides you with food recognition and nutrition assistant technology. The SDK is designed to take a stream of images and output foods recognized in those images along with nutrition data related to the recognized foods.

As the developer, you have complete control of when to turn on/off the SDK and to configure the outputs which includes:

  • food names (e.g. banana, hamburger, fruit salad, quest chocolate bar)

  • lists of alternatives for recognized foods (e.g., soy milk would be an alternative of a visually recognized class milk)

  • barcodes detected on food packages

  • packaged foods recognized by the text detected on food packages

  • nutrition information detected on food packages via Passio's Nutrition Facts reader which returns information written in Nutrition Facts labels

  • nutrition information associated with the foods

  • food weight and volume for certain foods

By default the SDK does not record/store any photos or videos. Instead, as the end user hovers over a food item with his/her camera phone, the SDK recognizes and identifies food items in real time. This hovering action is only transitory/temporary while the end user is pointing the camera at a particular item and is not recorded or stored within the SDK. As a developer, you can configure the SDK to capture images or videos and store them in your app.






If at any point you need help from the Passio team, please reach out to us at

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