Suggestions and Meal Plans


The SDK provides the ability to fetch a predefined set of suggested foods for logging, depending on the current time of day

Example of fetching suggestions for snack meal time:

banana, coffee, black tea, coke, cheddar cheese, chocolate chip cookies, potato chips, blueberry muffin, plain yogurt, strawberries, ...

UX Tip: Combine these predefined suggestions with user meal logs to provide a list of "quick suggestion" logs. This will enable users to log their meals even faster.

Meal Plans

Meal Plans provide users suggestions which foods to consume depending on their dietary preference and time of day. The Meal Plan api is divided into two functions:

  • fetchMealPlans that is used to retrieve all of the possible meal plans. These meal plans usually correlate with a specific diet like "Keto Diet".

  • fetchMealPlanForDay is an api that is used to fetch specific foods recommended for a certain day of a target meal plan.

Some of the available meal plans:

Heart Healthy Diet, Ketogenic Diet, Managing Obesity, Managing Type 2 Diabetes, Low FODMAP, Healthy Kidney Diet, Balanced Diet, DASH Diet, PCOS Diet, Mediterranean Diet

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